Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kids, Don't Try This At Home

The immediate goal is to get the shingling done up to that green trim board. That's pretty much the first floor. We want to get that done by Fourth of July. Unfortunately we ran out of shingles mid-Tuesday, and wouldn't get a delivery until Friday.

Friday the truck rolled up and dropped off three huge pallets of shingles, enough to finish the garage and start the house. Of course, that means there will be one more thing stored in the barn for a while. Maybe we need a bigger barn....

Trying to help with the shingling is still an awkward task for me. I tried to do some while Ed was gone and couldn't get the rows to match up. If I measured from the universal standard mark it read one thing, and if I used the ledger boards to measure, it said something else. Then just to see if I could, I marked a shingle and picked up the skilsaw to see if I could cut it by myself. How hard could it be? Ed makes it look so easy. Cutting the shingle is one thing, but the torque when it started up bucked that darned thing right toward my ankle, and I decided I needed to cut my foot off less than I needed to cut shingles.It got easier when he was home. It still took me forever to put up a row, but I did put up a row.

Now kids, don't try this at home. Leave this to Trained Professionals:

Things are getting tougher because the rows are getting higher. So Ed started putting together make-do scaffolding.

Which brings to mind the thought...if you use more than five ladders to build your scaffolding, you might be a redneck. In fact there are actually six ladders, one set of actual scaffolding, four 2x12s, and a bunch of shims.

By yesterday evening, we pretty much had the first floor done, one shingle at a time. I don't even want to think about what has to happen to make the second story accessible for shingling. Do they have parachutes at Home Depot?