Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Codel Catastrophe

    For the second time during our building process we have been sorely disappointed in Codel doors, both in the product and in the customer service. For the first chapter in this saga, take a look at a prior post
    The current fiasco is a result of the stops on the exterior of the french doors pulling away from itself and separating from the door frame. I contacted the Codel door representative in July, sent photos and was told someone would get back to me soon. Then On August 15th, I again contacted Codel, sent pictures again, and was told someone would contact me soon. Yesterday I once again contacted Codel. Someone will call you tomorrow.  That was today. Today I was told there was a problem between the supplier and Codel that they were trying to resolve.
    I said "What does that mean in real terms?"
    Long silence. "It means we're working on it."
   "OK," I said "when can I expect this to be resolved?"
   "We'll get back to you in about two weeks."  she said.
    Not good.