Sunday, March 18, 2012

Safe And Sound

   We found a set of three leather theater seats on craigslist for a great price. We drove down to Portland, met a very nice lady, and came home with the chairs. Although the theater room needs the cosmetic finishes, it's up and running and we have gone on a movie marathon. The surround sound is amazing. This theater is close to home, the restroom is clean, and the popcorn doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We'll keep our eye out for another set of four, find some beanbag chairs for kids, and we'll be all set.
   Ed has made some decisions about how he wants the finish trim to go down here. I won't spoil it now, but it will involve wood beams and other cavernous details.
   In spite of the continued bad weather (more snow and lots of rain) Ed completed the stair rail up to the apartment. He's still not happy with the quality of the product, and may change it out at a later date, but for now at least it's safe.
    That's important because we don't want our house sitter falling off the porch. We're taking off for a much needed road trip. We'll visit with good friends, cuddle grandkids, and eat too much. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Neither Snow Nor Rain

   The weather couldn't decide what to do. We had a little snow, a little rain, something in between, and a glimmer of sunshine. Welcome to Washington.
   On the rainy days, Ed worked on the Man Cave, "cave" being the operative word. I painted the switch and socket covers to blend in with the walls. One coat of burnt ochre, one coat of ragged dark brown glaze, and two coats of varathane.

   Ed and I hung the screen on the wall in the theater room. If  bigger is better, this is really good.
   Johann from Charisma Productions came out and installed the projector. Then the DirectTV guy came out to put in the TV box. Johann will be out next week to make adjustments and finish hooking everything up. Then I can watch cooking shows up close and personal. All I need is popcorn...gourmet popcorn.

  Ed then put the lights up in the Videan's Bluff Saloon. Over a year ago, in anticipation of the Saloon, I scoured the internet for an old wagon wheel light fixture that wouldn't break the bank. I finally found one on EBay. I told Ed that if it didn't look right we could always resell it on Craigslist.  I think it's perfect.

 This little room also has two cabinets that were made to the wrong size for an upstairs room. We bought them at a discount from the cabinet maker and will use them here for a buffet table. After they are set in their proper place, Ed will make a counter top out of lumber he has in the barn.

 On the better weather days, Ed has been trying to get the new set of stairs done to the apartment. It's a good thing he has that scientist/engineer brain because I have no idea how he figures out the rise and run to make the stringers. And miracle of miracles, the steps come down perfectly to the deck!
  We made a run to town for the Trex decking for the stair treads, screws and railing parts. Ed got the treads down and began working on the railing.
   Most of the railing we have for the house is Clear View railing, and a very nice product. The railing we got off the shelf at the big box store....not so much. It'll do, but sometimes you don't save money by buying cheap. It's difficult to work with, and not as well made.
   He got about half the apartment railing installed yesterday. The good news is that the landing right outside the door is quite a bit bigger than the original. The bad's supposed to rain tomorrow, and the rest of the week is iffy.