Saturday, November 23, 2013

Raise The Bar or Get To The Point

   Ed is still working on the basement, the official Man Cave. It must be official, because we have a sign.

  At the base of the stairs is a portrait of great . great, however many Uncle Jubal Early, who fought on the wrong side of the War Between The States. In spite of that, I'm sure he was kind to his mother.  Really,  we didn't have good portraits of those in the family that fought on the Union side. What an awful time!


    In any event, that's the entrance to the first part of the Man Cave, which includes the theater area.  We wanted some special hinge plates for the doors he built, so we contacted a local artisan, Dave Curl from Solstice Forge, who made beautiful arrow hinge plates for us.
   They weigh a ton, but the doors are solidly built and they just look awesome.

   Ed has been working for some time on making frames for artifacts collected over 50 years ago. He has carefully stored many beautiful blankets  and other items, hoping for just the place to display them.  Pressure hangers are used to hang the fragile blankets on the wall. Frames of arrowheads, bird points and beads are carefully hung. To see these things is to feel the weight of time.

I'm not sure how this all ties in to the modernity of a home theater, but somehow it all comes together to make a very comfortable room. We hope to have Soup And A Movie night with friends soon.

And right next door? Yee haw! Big Ed's Saloon. It's stocked, although I'm not quite sure what to do with most of it.  I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Along the far wall is a row of cabinets that was a mis-measure for the upstairs craft room. We bought them at a discount and installed them in the saloon. Display frames are mounted in the cabinet surface, and more frames above. Ed has had a life-long interest in First Nations history, inspired by family connections to the Cherokee Nation. I'm so glad he has a place to come in daily contact with different aspects of his heritage.

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